What you need to know about bollywood films download

What you might have missed when you heard about bhajans, bhaji’s movies, bollywood starlets and bollywood songs.But what you might not have known about bajan is that they’re just a small subset of the film industry.Bajan films are an amalgamation of films made in India over the past 70 years, which are mostly considered classic […]

Netflix has a new $20-a-month offer for movies and TV shows on Vimeo, just in time for the holidays…

Netflix has been offering movie and TV show subscriptions to subscribers in the U.S. for the past couple of years.That’s good news for the streaming giant as it aims to continue to make money off of streaming content, even if that revenue is ultimately lost to cable companies and pay TV companies.That means that if […]

India: New Delhi-Pune metro connection: Airdrop of 3 million units will boost Mumbai metro’s capacity

New Delhi: The Mumbai Metro has been granted permission to begin airdropping of more than 3 million metro trains, the first of its kind in India, to boost the metro’s network capacity, the Indian Railways said.The move comes after the government launched a plan to expand Mumbai’s metro network with more than 1.8 million metro […]