The movie theater that won’t let you download movies on a cellphone is shutting down after a complaint from a customer

UPDATE (7:05 p.m.): The video-game-themed Movie Theatre in downtown Seattle has shut down after complaints from a former customer who said she couldn’t use her phone to download movies from the app.The Seattle Times reports that the video-gamery-themed theater was originally built in 1892 by the brothers-in-law of George and Edward Baker.The movie-toy store closed […]

Why you should download Hulu movies and TV show subtitles

You’re probably going to want to watch some Hulu movies, but if you’re not already a Hulu subscriber, here are some ways to stream them.1.Download the Hulu Plus video-on-demand service.The premium streaming service will let you watch Hulu videos in its original language, and it will also let you subscribe to Hulu Plus.2.Stream movies on […]

Which movie should you download if you’re bored?

What movie should I download if I’m bored?The answer may surprise you!This week we asked readers to nominate their favourite movies, songs, and TV shows, with some interesting results.The winner was a song called “Boredom” by Kaleem – which we’ve shared before – and it features on our list of favourite movies to watch on […]