Why do you think the internet is so fucking stupid?

Why do we think the world is so stupid?That is the question that many are asking themselves every day.If you ask them, they’ll tell you it is because of the stupidity of the internet.And if you ask the rest of us, we’ll tell them the same thing.We live in a world of infinite possibilities and […]

Sufna-Baba: Bibi’s life, memories, and secrets video by ESPN & Co. title Sufi-Bibi: B.I.B.’s life, secrets and legacy

Sufi Bibi, the widow of Bibi Netanyahu, is making her comeback as a Hollywood star.She will be making her debut in a new film, Sufana-Babi, based on her life, her memoir and the story of her husband, Bibi.She’ll be joined by her former husband, Sa’ad Bibi and their daughter, Sufi, and her late son, Amir, […]

The Newbie Is Not The Best Friend

The New Yorker is an American weekly magazine published by Random House.The magazine has a circulation of approximately 6 million, and has been running since May 25, 2017.Its titles are selected based on the best-selling fiction, nonfiction and memoirs of the past 20 years.It is available in more than 200 languages and on Apple Newsstand, […]