The Best of The Simpsons Downloadable Content: The Simpsons Movie Maker and Free Movies Downloader

There are so many free movie makers out there.They’re all making their own versions of The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Batman, and so on.There are some that have their own sub-genres like comedy, fantasy, horror, and action.The Simpsons is one of those.The show is about a young Homer Simpson, and he’s obsessed with […]

How to Find Your Best Movies on Pippin

There’s no question that movies are a staple of the summer, and if you’re not in the mood to watch them, there’s always the streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.If you’re in the market for something new, however, you might want to check out some of the best movies from the year to date.But if […]

New iPad mini 4 model with Retina Display brings better graphics and faster processing speed

title New iPhone 6s model with retina display improves performance article title iPhone 6 Plus models will start at $649 and cost $1,000 or more article title $1.7 trillion dollar stock market could tumble as global recession continues article title Dow futures fall nearly 11 percent after US presidential election article title US economy could […]

How To Get Away With Being A Jerk By Getting Away With Using A Lot Of Socks In Your Footage

This week on TUBIC: A new episode is released on Tubi, a new episode has been uploaded to YouTube, and it is revealed that Tubi is now the world’s most popular porn site! The new episode titled “Sockshare Movies” features a brand new video by Pornhub user “Tubi.” Tubi is also hosting a sock puppet competition.The competition […]

Why you should download Hulu movies and TV show subtitles

You’re probably going to want to watch some Hulu movies, but if you’re not already a Hulu subscriber, here are some ways to stream them.1.Download the Hulu Plus video-on-demand service.The premium streaming service will let you watch Hulu videos in its original language, and it will also let you subscribe to Hulu Plus.2.Stream movies on […]