The Irish are back in the Champions League

Download the new Irish football video below, courtesy of RTE.Dublin-born Irish goalkeeper Simon Byrne is back in action for the Republic of Ireland at the World Cup after suffering a knee injury.The 27-year-old was injured in a tackle by Bayern Munich midfielder Mario Gomez in the opening game of the qualifying round on Wednesday night.He […]

What’s The Worst Part Of Being A Kid On The Internet? What’s Good About It?

Teenager Sami Muhaimani talks to the BBC about being a teenager in the internet age.The 13-year-old from Kano, Nigeria says that she can’t help but be influenced by the internet, which has brought her closer to her older brother, Ali, who she describes as “a very quiet person” but “always laughing”.Her parents, both from Kankoori, […]

Torrentz2, the #1 torrent site for pirated movies and TV shows, is shutting down after just over a year of existence

Torrentz 2 is shutting its doors and shutting down the service as of October 30th.Torrentz 2 was a popular and popular torrent site which hosted many of the most popular pirated content.Since the site was shut down, the torrent site has been down for about a year.While the shutdown was initially announced on October 15th, […]