When you have to pay for it, pay now: Video-game download app for Android is now available on the App Store

Downloading a game is now easier than ever thanks to a new video-game app for the Android platform called MovieDownload.MovieDownload will give you the ability to download any app on your phone to watch offline.It’s the latest addition to the Google Play Store app.MovieDownload was first spotted by TechRadar , which said the app had […]

The movie theater that won’t let you download movies on a cellphone is shutting down after a complaint from a customer

UPDATE (7:05 p.m.): The video-game-themed Movie Theatre in downtown Seattle has shut down after complaints from a former customer who said she couldn’t use her phone to download movies from the app.The Seattle Times reports that the video-gamery-themed theater was originally built in 1892 by the brothers-in-law of George and Edward Baker.The movie-toy store closed […]