How to Watch ‘The Interview’: Here’s how to download movies on reddit

The movie industry is a big deal for many people.It’s been used to help promote Apple TV and the upcoming HBO Now service, and it’s now used to download and stream shows from Hulu.But it also has its own set of issues.The movie industry doesn’t really have a great reputation for privacy.The movie and TV […]

Isaimini: The Movie – Deadlands

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What’s The Worst Part Of Being A Kid On The Internet? What’s Good About It?

Teenager Sami Muhaimani talks to the BBC about being a teenager in the internet age.The 13-year-old from Kano, Nigeria says that she can’t help but be influenced by the internet, which has brought her closer to her older brother, Ali, who she describes as “a very quiet person” but “always laughing”.Her parents, both from Kankoori, […]