How to watch ‘Star Trek’ without having to watch the entire movie

When I watched the first Star Trek movie in 1981, I was hooked.I would watch it over and over, and eventually I’d finish it.I was still in the early years of Star Trek.The idea of a starship that was a little larger than the Enterprise in space was an intriguing concept that I wanted to […]

How to watch the weekend movies with Netflix and Amazon movies download

Get ready for the weekend: You can now stream a wide range of movie titles on Netflix and on Amazon.All of the titles listed above are available in both platforms.All are available on the Amazon app, and can be viewed in both high-definition and 1080p.Some are available for streaming on the iPhone and iPad, and […]

India to make ‘world’s largest’ internet access bill by July 1

A new Internet Access Bill is being drafted by India to be passed by July, according to the country’s Minister of Communications.The bill will ensure access to the nation’s 1.2 billion people in the first phase and the rest of the country in the second, according the government.The draft will be submitted to Parliament for […]

How to watch an animated movie without having to change the channel

I had a little chat with The Next TV’s chief creative officer, Kevin McClellan, to get his thoughts on what we can expect in the coming year from the channel.The Future of Movies is his third-annual look at the future of movies.In the past, he has been an early adopter of streaming services like Netflix, […]

The Lad: An Indian movie download

Download the movie The Lad, a thriller that chronicles the life of a notorious Indian politician, Dororo Yadav, from the perspective of a modern day Indian man.This is the first time that an Indian movie has been made that deals with a political issue.Dororo Yadawat is one of the most notorious leaders of the Rashtriya […]