Indian movies are getting a new twist, thanks to Netflix.

The streaming service will soon release the Kannadas’ “The Kanny” to Netflix, with a new trailer.

The film follows a father and son who are forced to flee their home when their father is raped.

The father goes to a remote village in the state of Karnataka, and his son decides to go to the same village, only to find out that the girl in the village is actually his daughter.

The movie has been hailed as a great hit, and it’s been dubbed the first Tamil film to reach Netflix in India.

The film was filmed in Tamil, Hindi, English, Bengali and Punjabi, and is the first to be subtitled in those languages.

Netflix’s “The Indian Hustle” movie, starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rupa Shetty, has been the top seller in India for a year.

The company’s Indian head, Subhankar Jain, said that Netflix was proud to have a Tamil film called “TheKannadaMovie,” and it would be available in all languages.

Netflix has partnered with Kannadigas Entertainment to produce the film.

“The film will be released in all Hindi, Punjati and Tamil languages,” said Jain.

The first trailer was released on Wednesday.

Watch it below.