In the second half of the Serie A season, the Giallorossi face the prospect of a second consecutive season without a European Cup final.

It was a result which was anticipated by many but is likely to surprise.

The team was already missing the captain, but there are no other notable injuries.

What will be the situation in the coming weeks?

The only thing certain is that there will be some serious issues for the Giallsini.

For the first time in the team’s history, they have not won a trophy.

They also had to deal with an extremely difficult season, with only four victories in the first half of this season.

The squad is without several players, with both Stefano Okaka and Giorgio Chiellini out for a number of months.

Also, Antonio Cassano, who had been a key player in the defence, has missed out with a hamstring injury.

With the injuries, the defence and attack are going to be extremely difficult to defend against.

Furthermore, there is no clear replacement for Antonio Conte.

Will there be a shake-up in the squad?

In a way, the season has already been an experiment.

It has allowed the Giallingini to work with a few players who have been in the national squad.

In the past few years, the squad has undergone some changes.

One of them was the introduction of Andrea Barzagli, who has started to make a difference in the league.

It is also worth mentioning that there are also three new signings: Mario Mandzukic, Alessandro Florenzi and Federico Macheda.

Will the team be able to cope with all the injuries?

For the most part, the team will be able cope.

However, the injury crisis will inevitably affect the performance of the team.

The Giallorettes were already playing with a high level of confidence before this season, but now they face the possibility of losing one of their best players.

What can be done?

There are two main options.

First, the club could bring in new players to replace the lost players.

Second, they could rest players for the final matches of the season.

Either way, there will certainly be some tough decisions for the team, especially on the defence.

The problem will be to find a solution which will make the team more competitive.

Will this be a problem for the coach?

As always, there are some who believe that the coach is the right person to make these decisions.

This is because, for the last couple of seasons, the players have not had the chance to prove themselves in Europe.

Therefore, it is difficult to believe that they can achieve success.

Furthermore (and most importantly), the players themselves have a lot of potential.

In my opinion, this will not be a serious problem.

The new coach will have a very clear strategy for the coming season, which will include some positive and negative changes.

Will it help the team to make the Champions League final?

This is not the first question which came to my mind.

The players know that it is a matter of when, not if.

Therefore the team is not ready to make any rash decisions.

What happens if the Gialla-Juventus clash?

There is no doubt that the game will be played in front of an empty stadium.

However the game is not as important as the result.

For example, it will be easier for the defence to defend a game with two goals than with three.

On the other hand, if Juventus manage to score three, they can potentially have a much more positive result.

In fact, if Juve manage to win against Juventus, they will have achieved something.

Therefore they are more likely to win this game.

This will definitely be a good opportunity for the Juve supporters to show their support.

This should be a very exciting match.