Posted September 23, 2018 11:58:18At the end of the trailer for Avengers: Age to Ultron, the heroes of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes face off against the dark forces of Ultron, but first they need to get their hands on a new weapon called the Scepter.

In a preview video posted online this morning, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest super hero team was given the green light to use the Sveta weapon, a piece of metal with a magnetic field that can deflect projectiles from Ultron.

“I was excited,” said Anthony Mackie, who plays Captain America’s nemesis Iron Man, “because we knew the whole thing would be a bit of a surprise, but I’m not sure it was.

We’ve been building up to it for a long time.”

The Avengers will team up with the Vision, who uses his vision to create holograms to track down Ultron and prevent the device from destroying the world.

And while the team might not be able to control Ultron, they will certainly be using their powers to fight against him.

“They’re very much like Avengers,” Mackie said of the Vision and Ultron.

“They have a lot of superpowers.

They are not superheroes.

They’re very powerful.

And they are trying to stop the Skeletons from destroying this planet.

So, yeah, I’m really excited.”

Avenger: Age To Ultron hits theaters on May 1.