Apple movie streaming service Netflix is now adding new features to its library of movies.

Users of the service can now watch children’s movies, including the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, via Apple’s MoviePass app, and the original Star Wars film The Phantom Menace, and original films such as the classic Disney film Pinocchio.

The app’s feature set is similar to what’s available in other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Plus, and it also lets users purchase movies through the iTunes Store and stream them to their Apple TV.

While Apple has made movies available to watch on its streaming service, it’s not available for download from Apple’s website.

As of today, Netflix is the only service that offers kids movies to watch in a new way.

According to Netflix, it made this change to give its customers the ability to watch their movies on multiple devices.

“We’re proud to bring kids movies that were never available on any other platform to Netflix for the first time, and we hope you’ll enjoy watching them,” the company wrote in a blog post announcing the new feature.

The new feature, dubbed “Kids Movies,” allows users to watch children movies on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, as well as in the movies library on the iPhone and iPad.

Apple said in a statement that the feature will allow users to view their favorite movies on their home screen, even if they’re away from the television.

Apple said the feature is available in the app for all users.

It also said that it’s adding new movie titles to the Apple TV app in the coming weeks.

However, it didn’t say when the feature might be rolled out to the iPhone.