The Avantika franchise is being rebooted and the movie is now being dubbed as a remake of a TV show.

The film, which has already been nominated for two Emmys, is set in the future when humans have discovered that they can harness their powers to control other beings through telepathy.

A group of people, led by the charismatic Dr. Richard Dawkins, travel to an island in the Atlantic Ocean and try to use the power of the Avantik to save their species.

The first episode of the reboot is being released on Friday and is already available on Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.

The title of the movie says it all: “Avantik.”

There is an allusion to the TV show “Avatar,” and there is an opening line from the opening credits: “To avenge the deaths of all life on earth, we’re back.”

Avantikkas first trailer features a young man with an avantika helmet and a futuristic device that can control animals and humans.

In the trailer, a woman with the device is shown controlling a giant bird.

Avantikes creators, David Cage and Chris Carter, have previously said that they were trying to re-create the story and look back at the original TV series, which was created by the same writers, director, and actors.

The new film will be an adaptation of the series, with some elements of the original cast.

It will also star John Hurt, who is reprising his role as Dr. Dawkins.

The original series, originally aired on ABC in the 1970s and 1980s, followed Dr. Christopher Dawkins (Hurt) and his team of avantikers.

The reboot is a retelling of the events of the first series.

In that series, Dawkins’ team of scientists used telepathy to control animals.

The original series was about a scientist with an ability to manipulate and control animals by using the power they possessed over them.

The new Avantikan movie will be based on the pilot episode of “Avangera,” which was released in 2006.