H.R.G. Wells has made his mark on horror movies in the past, but his best known work is arguably his novel The Haunting of Hill House, a novel that was the subject of a popular horror movie.

In the 2017 horror movie “Halloween: The Complete Series,” we learn the story of a couple in a rural town who are haunted by a house.

The haunting starts out innocently enough, with the couple enjoying a nice afternoon with their son.

Then the ghostly presence of a woman comes in the form of a redheaded, ghostly woman.

The horror movie quickly moves into a more disturbing and disturbing story, with an evil, black-haired man walking through the woods, which seems to have some sort of supernatural influence.

The man starts a fight with the woman, which is quickly escalated into an attack by the ghosts.

At one point, the ghost lady turns out to be a beautiful, blonde woman, and she starts to try and kill the man.

It seems like it’s all just a dream.

This is a common nightmare type of scenario that occurs to people who have nightmares, according to horror movie producer/writer Jason Ritter.

The film also featured a haunting that had a girl get possessed by a ghost.

A young girl named Grace, the daughter of a man who is haunted by ghosts, starts to develop a fascination with the ghosts, and the ghost of her father appears to her.

This gives Grace a very disturbing relationship with the ghost, and it also makes her very close to the ghost.

The movie ends with Grace waking up in the haunted house with her father and ghost, which causes her to go insane.

The haunted house is eventually abandoned and the movie ends.

Ritter has released a trailer for the upcoming film, which you can watch below.

The Haunting is set to hit theaters on October 7, 2018.