The first trailer for Kanji’s Story has been released, showing off the epic plot that will see the protagonist of the movie, Kanji, embark on a journey to find a mythical city.

The film was originally scheduled for release on July 20, but will now be available on July 28.

The trailer also includes footage from the film’s main antagonist, the evil Lord Kanzaki, who seeks to bring his twisted kingdom to a screeching halt by killing Kanji.

The trailer has been uploaded to YouTube and is accompanied by an explanatory caption explaining the title’s significance.

“Kanzaki will be an evil lord who seeks revenge on Kanji for his failure to save his kingdom,” the caption reads.

“If Kanji succeeds in bringing his kingdom back, the world will be saved.”

In addition to the title, the trailer also features the voice of the main protagonist, Tomokazu Sekiguchi, as he narrates the story of Kanzakus story.

“Kanjis story, which we call KanjiS Journey, begins in his village.

A powerful force has taken over the land, and now Kanji is alone,” Sekigahi narrates.

“But Kanji will overcome this obstacle if he learns how to use the power of his ancestors, who were able to survive the apocalypse long ago.

He must learn the secrets of the world, the power that lies within the Kanji family.”

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