This week we’ve brought you the latest news from the film industry, including news of a sequel to Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

We’ve also got a look at what’s coming up for you this year, and we’ve got some great news for your cinemagoing friends as well.

The Star Wars sequel is officially on the way.

The first Star Wars film opened in 1977, but a sequel was eventually released in 1983.

The sequel has since been compared to the original film and has spawned countless sequels.

Star Wars: Episode VII, the sequel to the Star Wars franchise, is now in cinemas across the globe, and the movie’s trailer has been leaked to the internet.

This trailer, which has been circulating online for some time now, is filled with spoilers for the film.

The trailer shows Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) in their Millennium Falcon as they escape from a crashed Star Destroyer.

The scene where the Millennium Falcon and the rebel fleet are flying off into space is shown, with Han Solo (John Boyega) and Chewbacca (Ewan McGregor) flying the Millennium Fighter in the background.

The Millennium Falcon, which Luke and Leia fly into space in, is a new model introduced in the new film, which is powered by a single turbolaser.

It’s the Millennium Falcons first outing in space, so there’s plenty of footage in the trailer to give fans a feel for what to expect.

The shot of the Falcon flying through the clouds is reminiscent of the famous shot from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in which Han Solo and Chewie fly into a hangar bay on the Death Star.

The Falcon also looks like a fighter that could be seen in the film, with its wings flapping and a propeller on the side of its fuselage.

The scene where Luke and Chewa fly into the Millennium Fleet hangar is reminiscent, as well, of the shot in the original Star Wars.

In the original, Han and Leia, as they leave their ship in the desert, are shown flying in the Millennium fleet hangar.

The only difference is that they have to use a tractor beam to get out of it, which they then pull into the hangar.

The Falcon looks like the same design seen in Star Wars IV: The Phantom Menace, but this time with an electric prop.

In Star Wars III, the Falcon had two engines that powered it.

The new model of the Millennium is powered entirely by two engines.

The wings and the nose of the craft have been modified for the new movie.

The back of the ship is now made of a metallic metal alloy, similar to the metallic metal found in the armor of the Star Destroyer from the Star Trek movies.

The new model is now powered entirely with two engines, and this means that the Falcon is able to fly with greater speed and agility than before.

The speed of the engines and the prop have been increased, which allows the Falcon to fly at speeds faster than the original Millennium Falcon.

This new model also includes new, more powerful engines, making the Falcon able to reach speeds faster and higher than before, and with greater agility.

We’re not sure how much we’ll be seeing in the trailers for the upcoming Star Wars movie, but we do know that the film will have several new characters, and that we will see more of Han and Chewy, Leia and Luke, and Chewin.

As of right now, the only new characters announced are Han and Luke.

The rest of the characters are not confirmed.

The trailer also gives us a look into the future of the franchise, with the characters being introduced as new characters.

We’ll get to see how much of that they’ll be in the upcoming film, but in the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see how Han and his family react to being introduced to their new family members.

We’ve also seen a few new characters revealed in the teaser trailer.

The most obvious is that we’ll see a new character named The Wookiee, who will appear in the next film as well as Luke and Princess Daisy.

The character has been teased for a while, so it’s safe to say that we may be getting more Wookiees in the sequel.

Another character we haven’t seen much of is C-3PO.

We saw the actor in the first teaser trailer and saw him interact with Luke in a number of scenes.

The actor is also the main character in the TV series Star Wars Rebels.

The character’s name is a little unclear, but it’s possible that he will be a member of the Resistance, a group that fights against the Empire.

We’re not quite sure what role he will play in the Star War sequel, but at least we’re getting a little bit more information about him.

The Last Jedi is coming to theaters on December 15, 2017.

The film is being directed by Rian