China is a global hotspot for manufacturing, with more than a quarter of the world’s manufacturing activity occurring there, according to a Bloomberg survey.

But in recent years, Chinese companies have found it difficult to keep up with growing demand for their products overseas.

As a result, they have resorted to outsourcing to local partners in Asia and beyond.

Now that China has opened up its manufacturing market to foreign companies, Chinese engineers are being used to build 3D-related films, games, and video games, including those from local firms.

The country is also ramping up its production capacity, and there are plans to add 3D production to a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to automotive to pharmaceuticals and health-care services.

This article originally appeared on Bloomberg View.

Read more:What China is doing with 3D: China’s factories churn out more 3D movie tickets than any other countryIn addition to expanding the Chinese market, there are more and more Chinese companies offering 3D services, and the government is helping out with the process.

The government is giving financial incentives to Chinese companies that want to make movies or games using 3D technology, which in turn makes it easier for Chinese companies to enter the global market.

For example, in the past year, China’s film industry was the most heavily financed industry in the world, with films reaching more than $2.8 trillion. 

For a long time, many Chinese companies used to be reluctant to do 3D, because they were unsure of the quality of the 3D effects, according a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). 

“The government’s policy to facilitate the development of a robust domestic market for 3DS is the most important factor that has led to increased investment in 3D content production in China, including from foreign studios and publishers,” the report said.

In the past, China was reluctant to enter into 3D.

But now that the country has opened its manufacturing sector, many companies are beginning to see a big opportunity to create 3D movies. 

“China’s economy is expanding and the demand for 3DP is growing,” said Guo Zhaowei, the head of a new digital-media company, Xiamen Film and TV.

“We are seeing more and better quality and value-added films.”