Download article We’ve all been there, you’re scrolling through a movie list and a little too distracted by a text pop up on the bottom of your screen to actually catch up.

A few clicks and you’re lost in the movie queue.

But if you’ve got an Android device with a big screen, a dedicated library of movie streaming apps can help you keep track of what you’re missing out on.

Live TV and Movies app for Android lets you browse through live TV channels, catch up on your favourite TV shows and films, and watch any movies you can find.

The app has built-in features to help you get stuck into your favourite shows and movies, as well as a full-featured movie player and library.

You can access your library of films through a list of categories, including movies, TV shows, shows from the same franchise, documentaries and more.

You’ll also find a search bar at the top of the screen for each film that you want to see, and the ability to search by title, director, actor, actor role, and more if you want.

If you’re not into watching movies, Live TV and movies has a good selection of live TV shows that you can stream to your Android device.

You may be able to see the latest shows from your favourite networks or even catch up with what’s on in the air, with a list below.

You can also stream movies to your TV using a number of apps like Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix.

You don’t have to be a member of a Netflix streaming service to watch Netflix movies, though, and there’s a number to choose from.

You could also get rid of your smartphone altogether by setting up a Chromecast-powered device.

There’s also a built-up list of channels and genres that you may want to get into, as you can scroll through the available channels and pick a movie that’s best suited to your taste.

There are also a number other features available for the app, like a handy TV guide that lets you see the channels in your area.

Lastly, Live and Movies has a dedicated app store that lets users update their library of streaming services.

You simply download the app and sign in to your Google account.

You then can search for the channel you want by name or genre, and if you like, you can add a price tag to the app to let you know how much you’ll be charged.

It’s a good option if you’re looking to upgrade your Android phone or tablet, as Live TV for Android will save you a lot of money.

Check out the full list of features below.