The Jerusalem Film Festival, an annual event that runs until February 3, is hosting its third installment of Asthma Movie: The Movie, which stars a new cast of actors, a new soundtrack, and new sound effects.

The film, which premieres on Netflix on February 7, features four new characters and is a story that takes place in Israel and the occupied West Bank.

It was produced by Moti Akl, the former head of the Israel-Palestinian Film Association, and includes a new song by the Israeli composer Arik Arnon, who is credited with the theme song for the 2009 blockbuster Aliyah.

The story focuses on a young woman named Erez who is diagnosed with asthma, and becomes a part of the community.

A group of friends and relatives help her get better and she eventually becomes a volunteer in the field.

The story of her story is a testament to the work that people do to help others, said Akl.

The cast includes Haim Katz, whose real name is Shai Zvi, and who also voices one of the main characters in the film, the rabbi of the Kedumim community, who has a son with a rare form of lung cancer.

The rabbi is also a close friend of Erez.

In addition to Katz, the film also features Daphna Lavi, who plays the head of an Israeli NGO and is the wife of a Palestinian who lives in the city of Ramallah.

“The film is about the resilience of the Israeli people.

It is a love story, a love of the city and the country, but also a story of resilience,” said Aklan.

“The film has been produced in Israel for many years, and the people of Israel know that the film is being shown in Israel, and they are watching it.

It’s a unique film and one that I think we will all enjoy,” she added.

Aklan said she wanted to tell a story about resilience and resilience is part of what Israel is all about.

“There are many people in the world who are suffering and are struggling.

We need a strong and resilient Israeli voice, so the film will be a message that Israel can be stronger, more resilient and better off,” she said.

The festival’s Director of Programming, Yossi Rosen, said that he is excited to introduce the film to a new audience and that he hopes that it will encourage people to see what is possible when we work together.

“I think we need to see a film like this and not just on television.

We have to see it on film,” Rosen said.

“It’s about a lot of different issues.

I think this film can be a wake-up call for us as a society.

I am sure it will have a positive impact on people.

I hope that people will be inspired to do their part in the work to improve the quality of life in the region,” he added.

Alex Arnon also announced that the music in the movie is by Arik and that the score was composed by him.

“I am happy to share this with you.

This is a beautiful piece of music.

It has a very emotional quality.

I’m very excited about it.

I love this film and I think that it is a great opportunity to show the world what Israel can achieve,” he said.