You may have already seen this one, but now it’s official.

Chembarbithi is a movie by actor Michael Chembarelli that’s coming to Netflix on March 31.

The movie is a remake of the 2002 film starring Michael Jackson.

Here’s what you need to know about Chembabithi:  The movie follows Chembarmithi, a fictionalized version of the late singer and rapper, as he tries to raise money for a charity.

The story is set in the fictional city of Chembarno in Italy, where the star has been filming.

There are multiple versions of the movie that are available online.

You can watch the one we’ve seen, but there’s also a streaming version of

You’ll also be able to watch it on the Netflix app for iPhone and iPad. 

To watch Chebarbithic, you’ll need to have a Netflix account.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber in the United States, you can use the Netflix Pass to watch the movie on your TV, computer, or tablet.

The app can also stream the movie from your Roku or Apple TV.

You need to watch this movie via your phone or tablet’s web browser.

Chebibithic also includes a movie trailer and a synopsis, so you can see what you’ll see when you open the movie., which is the streaming version, also offers more than 100 hours of Cheba’s music and other clips from the movie, along with a trailer and full-length featurette.

Here are some of the things you’ll find in Chebabbithic:  A character named T.E. (Travis, the main character) in the movie talks about being an athlete, a soccer player, and a model. 

 An actor who plays Chembara in the film, Kevin Baugh, says he played Chemba because he wanted to be like Jackson.

Chebbarith’s father, who is a former basketball player, says Chebara was an inspiration for him and that he’s grateful for his father’s advice and support. 

Chembaroth is also the name of a restaurant where Jackson’s family used to eat.

The restaurant has been closed for many years, but Jackson’s widow and son are planning to reopen it. 

In the movie’s trailer, Chembarthi talks about how the music he made for the movie inspired him to start a foundation that raises money for charities, and he was inspired to go out on his own.

He even went so far as to donate a portion of the proceeds from the film to the charity. 

Check out for the trailer and synopsis of Chebbabithis film.

Cheabarbith is available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

You don’t have to be a Netflix user to stream Chebrabithi on your devices, but you’ll have to register your account first to watch and download the movie online.