Netflix is offering a free version of The Hamiltons movie, a classic tale of family and a family feud.

The Hamiltsons are a family of two who have a son and a daughter.

They meet at a movie theatre, where the movie theatre is in the middle of the night, and decide to take a nap, before heading to bed.

The son goes to the theatre and gets his own ticket.

The daughter gets hers.

At bedtime, she sees her father standing in the doorway.

She says, “Sorry, sir.

I have to go.

You can stay.”

She looks at him and goes, “No, no.

I don’t want to stay.”

His son looks at her and goes “No.”

She walks out.

She goes back to her room.

She sees him, he looks at his wife, she goes, ‘No, sir.’

“The son sees his wife and goes to her and she says, ‘You’re a jerk.

You’re a coward.’

She says to him, ‘I can’t see you anymore, because I have no life.

You are my husband, and I love you.’

She leaves.

The husband says, “‘No.

You don’t have to leave.

You didn’t get your ticket.

You haven’t been in the theatre for two hours.’

“The wife says, `What’s wrong?

Are you mad?’

The husband said, `No.

I can’t leave.’

He goes back into the theatre.

He looks at the wife and she goes and says, I am sorry, I cannot stay.

She is gone.

The wife goes and tells the kids, ‘Look, you don’t know.

I just didn’t want you to go.’

She is sitting there, she says to her children, ‘That was me, you know.

That was the way I was when I got my ticket.’

Then she gets up and says to the children, `Go back to your room, and you can sleep on your own.’

The children say, `I’m sorry.

I cannot leave.’

They go and get their own tickets, and they’re gone.

Then she goes back and tells them, `Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this for you.

You’ll be okay.’

And the children say to her, `You’re not kidding.

You really don’t care for us?’

She says ‘No.

We’re here.

I’ve got this, I’ve been here.

It’s just, it’s just a small family.

There’s no way you’ll ever understand me, and we’re not alone.

I’m sorry.’

She walks away.

They get up and they start again.

They say to the kids again, `Oh, you’ll never understand me.’

They say, ‘She’s right.

I am not alone.’

And they leave.

She gets up, and she’s gone.

She comes back to the family and says `You know what?

You have to listen to her.

You’ve got to listen.’

She’s gone, she’s not around anymore.

And she’s telling them, ‘Come, let’s go home.’

The kids say, “Mommy.

Mommy, we have to get back home.

We have to.’

She gets into her car, and there’s a policeman with a gun, she yells, ‘Take him.’

He says, [points to her son], ‘He can’t do it.’

The son said, ‘But he can.’

She said, [pointing to her husband], ‘No.’

She drives him to the police station.

She walks into the office, and the policeman says, You have three minutes.

You have 10 minutes.

She said to him [to the wife], ‘Take me.’

He said, No, you can’t.

You will be sent to prison.

She drove to the prison.

He goes to jail, and he’s in the cell, she gets in and sits on his lap, and said to the wife, `He’s been shot.

He is dead.

I love him, I’m not going to take him out of the house.

He will be fine.

Let’s go.’

And she walks out, and her son goes out, but he’s not there.

She has no recollection of that, but the kids say to each other, ‘We don’t believe her.’

The husband was standing outside when she got back into his car.

The boys are walking, and their father comes out and says something to them, and then the kids walk over and say to their mother, ‘Mommy, I have a message for you.’

The mother said, Oh.

We don’t think you believe us.

She told them what happened.

The children said, Mommy.

I know you’re the one who shot him.

They said, We were there.

They got up and walked to the house, and Mommy is sitting on his bed.

She’s crying, she looks at them and says in a soft voice