Why did the NBA let the NBA have the final two games of the NBA Finals, instead of a conference championship?

The decision was made by commissioner Adam Silver, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.

The NBA, which owns both the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers, could not have made a final decision on the series without the support of the league and its owners. 

As of this writing, the NBA has yet to make a decision about the next two games.

However, the league has been clear that the NBA’s decision to allow the conference championship to proceed to the conference finals would be in line with league rules. 

In an ESPN report published this week, Silver acknowledged that the league could have made an exception if the league’s owners had wanted to. 

“We would have made the decision,” Silver said.

“We made the decisions in the last two years, the decisions we made in the past few years.

I think we’ve had a good run.

We’ve had great success.

We have the best fan base in the league.

We’re in a good spot financially.

We don’t want to do anything we don’t think is right.” 

A source told Bleacher Sports that the commissioner made the comments to the media during an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio, where he said, “I made the [NBA’s] decision in the first two games.” 

The commissioner has not commented on the matter since then, but his comments could have come after the NBA had decided on a conference finals game, which was scheduled for March 25.

The league announced the conference semifinals on March 17, with the Nets vs. Lakers and Kings vs. Suns as the four teams vying for the top seed in the conference. 

The league also announced the second round of games, which included the Heat vs. Spurs, Clippers vs. Warriors, and Thunder vs. Celtics. 

Silver and the league were scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss the conference tournament schedule, but he did not attend. 

NBA owners voted to allow both games to go to conference finals. 

There was speculation that the teams in the playoffs could have been playing a series to determine which team would make the final in the standings.

However the league had been preparing for that possibility by putting the teams into playoff bracket play. 

With the league announcing that it would be making its final decisions on the league championship, it was unclear whether the NBA would have been able to decide on a date for the conference semifinal. 

For example, if the Lakers and Clippers were to play at a time when the playoffs were not scheduled, the teams could have played a series in which the NBA champion would then play the NBA runner-up.

However if the Nets played at the same time as the Heat and Warriors, the Heat would have to play a series with the Warriors to determine who was the runner-ups. 

This week, the Warriors and Warriors were in their first games of a five-game series.

The series ended in a 117-105 loss to the Celtics on Monday night. 

After the game, the Lakers had a few questions for Silver regarding the NBA and the conference playoff scheduling. 

Why would the league decide to hold a series of games in the middle of the season? 

Why are there two conference finals in the NBA? 

How did you decide on the schedule? 

What do you think the best option is to play the conference semi-finals at a later date? 

Will you be able to play all five games on the same night? 

The Golden State Warriors are now 2-0 and lead the Pacific Division.

The Lakers are 1-0, tied for the West.